Managing Your Media – Copy, Relink, Trim, and more

Dealing with lots of media files for a big project can be a challenge.

You may need to copy files between drives, archive projects, work from a different drive than when you started, and other changes.

So you’ll want to know how to copy your media, and relink clips if they become unlinked.

When you get to the finishing stage, or even archival, it may be useful to work with a project that only has the media actually used in a particular timeline.

For that, the Media Management feature in DaVinci Resolve is an excellent tool.

You’ll be able to copy media in a project, a timeline, and even trim the clips to only the parts of the media used.

If you used Blackmagic RAW clips, Resolve can even trim BRAW clips without needing to change formats.

These features are must-know tools for anyone regularly operating in editorial workflows.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:18 – Checking Source Media Locations
  • 00:43 – Smart Bins Pro Tip
  • 01:12 – Copy and Relink Media
  • 02:16 – Clone Tool Reminder
  • 02:47 – Relink Clips for Selected Bin and Comprehensive Search
  • 03:21 – Media Management Intro
  • 03:50 – Media Management Entire Project
  • 04:47 – Used Media
  • 05:09 – Trim and Add Handles
  • 05:50 – Consolidate Edit Segments
  • 06:23 – Media Managing Timelines
  • 07:05 – Importing Media Managed Timelines

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