Advanced Compositing in Fusion Using Pixar RenderMan’s Sample Project

Wanna see how to composite animation in Fusion?

Pixar’s RenderMan offers some sample projects that compositors can use to test a workflow. One of these is The Grand Tour.

It’s great to have this as a download, but if you’re new to compositing it may be tough to put all the elements together.

This video from Millolab Tuts gives us a really great walk-through of what a compositor might do to put rendered assets together into a final output.

The video features:

  • Importing everything
  • Relighting
  • Working with Shaders
  • Volume Masks
  • Adding an HDRI
  • Color correction
  • Compositing backgrounds
  • Adding glow

You won’t get a full tutorial, but this shows off what a workflow could look like. Pretty cool, right?

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