ACES 1.3 with DaVinci Resolve 18

Video from Colour Training YouTube Channel

ACES is a popular form of color management that is used across post houses, VFX companies, and more.

The reason? It’s standardized, easy to use, and widely available in many apps.

If you’re looking for professional workflows to fit in to an ACES pipeline with other vendors, then Dado Valentic has the tutorial for you.

In this video from Colour Training, you’ll learn about:

  • How to setup DaVinci in project based configuration to Work in ACES 1.3 and the main differences and improvements in comparison with previous ACES versions and why you should always use ACES 1.3
  • How to setup DaVinci to work in ACES in a node-based color-managed scenario for some advanced workflows and configurations.
  • What is Gamut compression and how to use it.
  • We will see how I make amazing looking film emulation LMTs for ACES and how we can export them for the rest of the production.
  • Delivering ACEScg backplates for VFX or ACES 2065 backplates.
  • How VFX roundtripping works.

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