Creating a 3D Ocean from Scratch in Fusion

Want to create some realistic looking water from scratch?

This video is a mini masterclass on materials and 3D scenes, I highly recommend watching the whole thing if you’re trying to master Fusion.

In this video from Learn Now FX you’ll learn about:

  • Project setup
  • Creating a new Fusion composition
  • Working with Turbulent Noise tool
  • Making a material with CookTorrance
  • Changing material properties
  • Adding a Bump Map
  • Adding a Fresnel effect with Falloff tool
  • Compositing the Fresnel with Channel Boolean
  • Adding Day Sky as a reflection map (or an HDRI)
  • Adding a Sphere map and Reflect node
  • Creating a surface for your 3D scene with the proper alignment
  • Applying the material to the plane
  • Adding a wireless link node for flow organization
  • Displacing the plane
  • Setting up the camera based on the viewer perspective
  • Adding a point light to the scene
  • Inserting a background or sky to the scene
  • Mapping the background to a sphere
  • Adding depth of field with a depth map and Copy Aux node
  • Adding the Defocus tool
  • Inserting a lens flare
  • Mapping the lens flare to the light position with Locator 3D tool

If you’re following along, you’ll want to make sure to download the free Turbulent Noise tool for Fusion.

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