How to Get Started on The Color Page

Getting started with the color page? Check this out first.

Resolve’s color tools aren’t a pop-out panel like in other editing apps…

Partly because Resolve started off as just the color page. Also because it now uses a different page for different jobs, where the tools are arranged in an optimal way for the task you’re doing.

So if you’re used to the Edit page or other apps, the color page may not be intuitive. But once you know the basics, it’ll all make a lot more sense!

In this video from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 INTRO & Edit
  • 02:33 The Interface
  • 03:30 What are the Primary Controls?
  • 04:03 Resolve Scopes?
  • 04:51 What are Nodes?
  • 09:50 What are Curves for ? Secondary Tools
  • 11:03 Effects and OFX for Resolve
  • 11:40 What are Stills for in Resolve?
  • 12:50 Best grading tools for Beginners?

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