DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 5 Update

This may be last beta update for 18.5’s beta. (Resolve 18 had 6)

We’ll never know Blackmagic Design’s plans for sure, but I’m guessing we’ll see a final release by the end of the month.

Added features include BRAW 3.3 support, high/low soft control improvement using DaVinci Wide Gamut, Text+ improvements, per-track audio bit rate settings, improved USD features,

As a follow up to BMD’s camera color spaces being added to Fusion in beta 3, DaVinci Wide Gamut is now supported on that page too.

Depending on your color management preferences, this could be a big help for setting up a simpler color pipeline for some workflows.

All that plus plenty of bug fixes and other improvements!

From Blackmagic Design:

Today we released public beta 5 of DaVinci Resolve 18.5 which adds further improvements to the DaVinci public beta including support for Blackmagic RAW 3.3 recordings from Panasonic Lumix GH6 cameras.

With DaVinci Wide Gamut now supported in Fusion, you get more accurate, true to life color representation when creating your visual effects and motion graphics. Plus, improvements to high and low soft controls in DaVinci Wide Gamut allow for finer adjustment and more sensitivity giving you more precise results. This update also improves Text+ element merging when using gradient fill, for a smoother and more realistic blend in the transition from one fill to another.

For audio, the audio encoder bit rate is now a per track setting, so every track gets higher quality audio rather than sharing the audio bit rate across the tracks. Also, when reviewing footage using the Fairlight Audio Accelerator, you now have better audio playback during the fast forward and rewind functions.

This update also improves the video output when running the clean feed feature on Mac OS for DaVinci Resolve Studio users. This means that you now have a full screen view of the video output without the menu bar appearing and obstructing any portion of your view.

You can download the new version for free from the Official Blackmagic Design support page.

NOTE: 18.5 does not require a database upgrade but individual projects will be upgraded to work with 18.5 and cannot be opened by older versions.

Back up your projects and database before upgrading!

Remember that this is still in beta, so be careful of using it on important projects.

Report bugs to Blackmagic Design in the DaVinci Resolve Beta Forum.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 18.5 b5

• Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.3.
• Support for DaVinci Wide Gamut in Fusion.
• Audio encoder bit rate is now a per track setting.
• Improved quality of shadows in USD scenes.
• Improved handling of 3D tools in USD scenes.
• Improved handling of expression references when copying Fusion tools.
• Addressed an issue with Text+ element merging when using gradient fill.
• Addressed Fusion variblur tool errors when channel set to none.
• Addressed extend edits on the cut page not honoring linked clips.
• Addressed an issue with changing subtitle caption color on Windows and Linux.
• Addressed an issue with the menu bar being visible on video clean feed in Mac OS in Studio.
• Improved audio playback for fast forward and rewind when using the Fairlight Audio Accelerator.
• Addressed missing outer boundary for CIE scopes.
• Addressed HDR node icon not getting cleared in some scenarios.
• Improved high and low soft sensitivity DaVinci Wide Gamut RCM projects.
• Auto mode for Mandarin transcriptions now transcribes as Simplified Mandarin in Studio.
• Addressed stereo audio in AAF imports being imported as dual left channel.
• Addressed an issue with track metering in Thru mode.
• Improved loading and detection for some python 3 installs.
• General performance and stability improvements.