DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 4 Update

As we approach the official non-beta release of 18.5, more improvements have come our way.

And if you’re wondering when that release will be… only Blackmagic Design knows but I’m going to guess mid July.

This update has added support for the updated Blackmagic RAW SDK, transcribing Mandarin, better subtitle control, lots of scripting API additions, and more.

Also we can now cast shadows with USD lights in Fusion!

Announcement from BMD:

Today we released public beta 4 of DaVinci Resolve 18.5 which adds additional improvements to the DaVinci public beta including greater control over subtitle export. This means only the subtitles you have turned on will now be included in the render and display on the export. Plus, there’s now greater system stability when displaying clip handles in the color page, making your grading process smoother.

This software update also adds a number of scripting API improvements for track and timeline management. This means that you will be able write scripts to automate commonly used functions for placing and replacing visual effects on the DaVinci Resolve timeline, speeding up your post production process and reducing your error count.

For DaVinci Resolve Studio, this beta release also includes support for transcribing traditional as well as simplified Mandarin. In addition, there is improved vertical video resolution when remote monitoring, giving you high quality vision when securely streaming your footage to an offsite director or client.

There is also support for Blackmagic RAW 3.2, as well as a number of bug fixes and general performance and stability improvements.

You can download the new version for free from the Official Blackmagic Design support page.

NOTE: 18.5 does not require a database upgrade but individual projects will be upgraded to work with 18.5 and cannot be opened by older versions.

Back up your projects and database before upgrading!

Remember that this is still in beta, so be careful of using it on important projects.

Report bugs to Blackmagic in the DaVinci Resolve Beta Forum.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 18.5 b4

• Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.2.
• Support for shadows for USD lights in Fusion.
• Support for encoding interlaced FFV1 clips.
• Support for transcribing to traditional and simplified Mandarin in Studio.
• Addressed an issue with remote monitoring vertical video resolutions in Studio.
• Addressed an issue with adding audio renders from external audio processes in Macs in Studio.
• Addressed an issue with H.265 renders for some Windows Intel systems in Studio.
• Addressed incorrect activation of audio meters when generating captions in Studio.
• Disabled subtitle captions are now correctly ignored on export.
• Addressed an issue with changing custom subtitle parameters in inspector.
• Addressed incorrect subtitle padding when text is anchored left or right.
• Addressed incorrect duration display for media marker overlays.
• Addressed issues with Fusion tracker overlays in the edit viewer.
• Addressed an aliasing issue in Ribbon 3D and other tools.
• Addressed a crash when displaying clip handles in the color page.
• Addressed an issue where dragged nodes from stills showing incorrect color tools.
• Addressed issues with shine removal in Resolve FX Face Refinement in Studio.
• Addressed voice isolation leaking room tone in some scenarios in Studio.
• Addressed dialog leveler artifacts on AAC clips in Apple silicon.
• Snap latch is correctly updated when fader snap is changed from the audio editor.
• Addressed a color issue with DCP renders in Apple silicon.
• Addressed a timing issue when rendering embedded CEA-608 captions.
• Multiple scripting API improvements for track and timeline management:
• Support to add, delete, enable, and lock timeline tracks.
• Support to delete and link timeline clips.
• Support to specify target track and record frame to add clips to timeline.
• Support to specify record frame to create timeline from media pool clips.
• General performance and stability improvements.