DaVinci Resolve 18.1.1 Update

With Blackmagic Design’s usual speed, we’ve got a number of fixes for DaVinci Resolve 18.1 after only a couple weeks.

Blackmagic RAW has been updated yet again, and this new version adds support for that.

The new Windows display scaling feature can now be overridden in preferences, and there are several issues that have been addressed.

As always, be sure to back up your database before updating.

For details, downloads, and update instructions, visit the Blackmagic Design Support Page.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.1.1

  • Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 2.8.
  • Preferences option to manually override display scaling on Windows.
  • Addressed an issue with incorrect clip thumbnails on some systems.
  • Addressed keyboard shortcuts for switching primaries.
  • Addressed an issue rendering MXF clips with embedded captions.
  • Addressed audio drops and artefacts when using voice isolation.
  • Addressed audio clicks when monitoring after changing EQ type.
  • Addressed a Text3D issue with characters with intersections.
  • Addressed an issue importing tracking data in Fusion.
  • Addressed an issue evaluating Group or Macro tool expressions.
  • Addressed an issue with Text+ on old CPUs.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

12 thoughts on “DaVinci Resolve 18.1.1 Update”

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  1. Resolve Studio is not picking up my headphones when I plug them in. (all my other software does.) If I exit Resolve and reopen all is well. Early versions of 17 acted this way, then it was fixed but came back with 18. Am up to 18.1.1 now, still has this little bug. This is on Windows/AMD, realtek audio on a b570 MoBo (I think.) Wondering if others are experiencing this small issue and whether a fix is on the horizon.

  2. I’m having real issues with 18.1.1 on my Macbook Pro M1 Max. 18.1 was working perfectly, but now ripple delete and start to playhead functions aren’t working at all. I can’t even remove a space between clips if I manually delete a section. So frustrating!

  3. Updated this morning on the 18.1.1. Da Vinci is way slower all of the sudden, playback became awfully slow and laggy (especially in fusion), rendering is two/three times longer than yesterday for the same project. my workflow has turned from great to terrible. it looks like da vinci resolve studio is not using fully my CPU/GPU.

    not happy at all with this update.

    (Mac OS 13.0.1, M1 Max, 32gb)

      • Sorry for you mate, but kind of happy to see I am not the only one experiencing this type of issues with the update.

        Doing some tracking work today in fusion. What was taking 20sec before the update now takes 5minutes. That’s just insane. I can’t work like this.

        Everything I describe happens on projects started before the update, maybe with new project it won’t be the same. No idea. Very annoying though. Hopefully they can fix this very soon.


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