How To Grade Skin with Resolve’s Beauty OFX Tool

Want to dial the look of faces when doing beauty retouching?

This is a great effect to use for commercials and occasionally in film & tv.

Your client may want the talent’s skin to be smoother (or maybe courser, depending on the situation).

Resolve has a very flexible OFX tool called Beauty. This is different than the Face Refinement feature. It’s more specialized and doesn’t involve tracking facial features, so it could be quicker to use.

In this video from Darren Mostyn, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 Quick Intro to Beauty
  • 00:10 Automatic Mode
  • 02:41 Isolating the Face
  • 03:31 Advanced Toolset
  • 05:25 Split View
  • 06:17 Using a Parallel node to enhance further
  • 08:31 Face Refine V Beauty Tool ?
  • 09:57 Landscape Beauty Work

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