Using the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor

What’s it like to use the DaVinci Resolve speed editor?

There’s a lot that in can do, but using specialized device for editing may seem foreign to you if you grew up in the world of Non Linear Editing.

Post. Color. Gear. has this walkthrough to show you what it can do:

  • Introducing the device
  • Scrolling through source footage
  • Using in and out buttons
  • Adding clips to the timeline
  • Playhead behavior with snapping on
  • Adding and editing transitions
  • Trim, Roll, and Slide functions
  • Multicam editing
  • Live overwrite

It’s a pretty useful device. It’s not meant to do everything but it definitely helps for quick assembly cuts & multicam!

Do you have one? What do you think?

1 thought on “Using the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor”

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  1. I have one. Viewed all the tutorials. Read the manual. Try to use it on every project. Other than the wheel, all the functions I have programmed into my Logitech MX mouse make this device cumbersome and unnecessary.


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