How to Replace a Phone Screen in Fusion

Screen replacement is a very common VFX need for projects.

Most commercials, movies, and TV shows don’t have the video or graphics actually playing on the screen when they’re shot.

Often because they’re not done yet, and sometimes because it just doesn’t look great because of reflections and lighting.

There are several steps to make it look good that you might not have considered, but with a little practice you’ll have it mastered!

In this video from Casey Faris, you’ll learn about:

  • Creating a list of todos
  • Tracking motion
  • Adding and configuring the Planar Tracker
  • Testing the track
  • Keying the screen
  • Adjusting the matte
  • Putting an image on the screen
  • Making sure your sizing matches so the Planar Transform works
  • Adding motion to the screen image with keyframes
  • Adjusting animation with Splines
  • Color correcting the screen to match
  • Adding glare
  • Matching and adding grain

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