Mind Blowing Motion Graphics

Want to know what’s possible with motion graphics in Fusion? A lot.

Just about anything, really.

The tools in Fusion are numerous, and some of them are harder to find unless you know where they are.

If you’ve only been doing basic text effects and shapes, prepare to have your mind blown.

This isn’t so much a tutorial, but a walkthrough of an incredible number of features, nodes, modifiers, and functions that will hopefully expand your mograph horizons.

In this video from Patrick Stirling, you’ll learn about:

  • Exploring the project
  • Using Instance Nodes
  • Creating a Border on Shapes
  • Adjusting image size
  • Snapping to Pixels
  • Adding Points
  • Pixel Grid
  • Animating to write on and off
  • Masking with previously created shapes
  • Using the Perturb modifier
  • Creating Expressions to animate
  • Shapes System
  • Adding a Transform Node
  • Shapes
  • Trails Node

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