Introducing the HDR Color Palette

What do those newfangled HDR color wheels do?

If you haven’t played with Resolve 17’s new HDR color wheels & zones tool, you’re about to be motivated to do so.

It’s easy to stick with the tools you know, but this feature is more powerful than you’d think.

And most importantly…

It’s not just for HDR footage!

It’s more of a “more control of sections within your dynamic range” tool, but that didn’t sound as good.

In this tutorial Casey Faris is joined by author of Blackmagic Design’s Color Training Manal, Daria Fissoun to guide us through:

  • Getting acquainted with the HDR palette wheels
  • Creating a new zone
  • How to start grading with the wheels
  • Difference between global wheel and offset
  • Behavior of each wheel
  • How to tell what each wheel affects
  • Adjusting raw footage with overexposed sky

See? Not a scary tool at all.

Once I started playing with it, I realized that it was more capable than it initially seemed. And the color space aware nature of the tools is really handy too.

Have you used the HDR palette? How have they been most useful to you?

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