How to Use Scopes in Resolve

Ever wonder what those wiggly lines on the video scopes are for?

Drivers check their spedometer, colorists check their scopes.

Scopes can seem intimidating at first but these are powerful tools for correcting, matching, and grading.

Here to get you acquainted is Darren Mostyn, showing you:

  • an intro to scopes
  • customizing scope views
  • qualifier focus
  • how to read a waveform
  • what the parade scope says
  • using the vectorscope
  • getting to know the histogram
  • what the heck a CIE graph is

Next, bring in some clips into your timeline and take a look at the scopes as you grade. Notice what happens when you use lift, or temp & tint controls, or curves.

Scopes are a colorists best friend for doing quality work quickly.

What questions do you have about scopes? Leave a comment below!

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