Advanced Blender to Fusion CG Compositing

Got a 3D render from Blender? Here’s a walk-through of 3D compositing using Fusion.

Unlike live action footage with just RGB channels, A CG render will include several layers or render passes that each include different information.

This can be color information, shadow information, depth, and much much more. It’s the compositors job to decide combine to use each of these to create a great looking shot.

This is a fairly advanced look at what can be done with the various compositing tools in Fusion.

If you’re a compositing beginner, treat this as a way to see what’s possible, rather than trying to follow along with everything being done.

In this video from Millolab Tuts, you’ll learn about:

  • Selecting channels from loader node
  • Using SplitEXR Ultra script from Reactor
  • Combining passes with Channel Booleans
  • Merging layer with an alpha channel
  • Adjusting channels and positional data
  • Creating a point cloud with Particles
  • Relighting with VolumeMask
  • Adding more atmosphere with VolumeFog
  • Changing object texture
  • Adding depth of field

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