How to Use the Amazing Adjustment Clip in DaVinci Resolve

It’s pretty easy to add an effect to a clip in DaVinci Resolve. But for flexibility, control, and easy presets, the adjustment clip is an essential tool.

It’s basically an empty clip you can drag into your timeline. But any effect you add to it gets applied to all clips below it on the timeline.

That makes it a quick way to affect multiple tracks at the same time.

And because it’s a clip in the timeline, you can easily adjust how long it lasts. So you’re free to add an effect to half a clip or 20 clips.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • Where to find the Adjustment Clip effect
  • Adding it as a favorite
  • How it works
  • Adding effects to the clip
  • Using for color grading
  • Adjusting the timing of effects
  • Saving and re-using effects & presets

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