Edit Really Quickly with this Advanced Dailies Workflow

Want to edit faster?

Of course you do! When dealing with tons of footage or a quick turnaround time, pulling selects (the good takes you plan on using) can be a big job.

But practicing with some of the advanced features of DaVinci Resolve will help you work faster and make better editing decisions.

If you’re used to hunting around in your media pool for a clip, then selecting and in and out point, then dragging to your edit timeline, I highly recommend experimenting with this technique.

One major change from that workflow is to edit from another timeline, not the media pool.

This allows you to organize your clips spatially in a timeline, and not have to try to filter metadata or go clip by clip in the media pool until you find that one clip that you’re sure is there somewhere.

Even that one change is a great way to stay organized. I now do this every time I edit!

There will be a little bit of setup to do, including making a stringout (a timeline with all your footage), toggling some settings, and creating a couple keyboard shortcuts.

Once all that’s done, and you practice the workflow a little, you’ll be able to find and add clips to your timeline much faster!

In this video from Creative Video Tips, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 – How to Edit Timeline to Timeline in Resolve
  • 00:47 – Setup – The KEM Stringout
  • 02:43 – Setup – Decompose Compound Clips
  • 04:44 – Setup – Keyboard Customization
  • 05:18 – Setup – Stacked Timelines
  • 05:55 – Edit Timeline to Timeline
  • 08:36 – Cut Page Source Tape vs Edit Page Stringouts
  • 10:50 – Swap Timeline Advantages

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