DCTL Development Tutorial Series

DCTLs are one of DaVinci Resolve’s most powerful advanced tools for customizing your grading workflow.

DCTL can refer to both the programming language DaVinci Color Transform Language, as well as the plugin-like tool that can be created with it.

For clarity we’ll call the tool a DCTL (or plural DCTLs) and the language as DCTL code.

If you’ve been curious about creating your own tools for DaVinci Resolve, or have some ideas in mind for features that will improve your workflow, this is an excellent place to start.

You’ll learn the basics of DCTL development and create some custom tools in the process.

This playlist from Thatcher Freeman contains 10 videos:

  1. Intro
  2. Clamp – Parameters
  3. Tone Mapping – Functions
  4. IDTs – Color Space Transforms and ACES
  5. Output Blanking – Position Parameters
  6. Lens Distortion – Spatial Operations
  7. Improved Tone Mapping – Tone Mapping Revisited Structs
  8. Random Split Toning – Pointers
  9. Other DCTL Features – Headers, Define, Constant, LUTs
  10. Ten Debugging Tips and Other Tricks

Click here to view the full playlist.

Click here for the DCTL examples from each lesson on GitHub.

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