Changing Clip Speed in DaVinci Resolve

Want to speed up or slow down footage? DaVinci Resolve has several options to help you do this.

You can easily change the playback speed of a clip in your timeline with some controls in the inspector.

You’re able to speed up a clip, slow it down, reverse, and more.

There’s even tools to help you generate new frames when slowing down a clip — making the motion appear smoother without any jerky motion due to repeated frames.

In this video from Chris Roberts Video Production & Training, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:31 Speed Up
  • 01:38 Ripple Timeline
  • 02:30 High Frame Rates
  • 03:39 Different Frame Rates
  • 04:41 Slowing Clips
  • 05:44 Retime and Scaling
  • 06:03 Frame Blend
  • 06:31 Optical Flow
  • 07:06 Render Cache
  • 07:19 Problems with Optical Flow
  • 08:28 Motion Estimation
  • 08:55 Speed Warp

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