Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 17 Training – 3D Compositing in Fusion

For compositing a shot where the camera moves, being able to track it in 3D space is a big help.

Fusion allows you to handle complex tasks such as tracking a moving camera, and placing objects in 3D space while combining it with your 2D footage.

This is an especially fun lesson involving pirates and a pirate ship!

In this video from Blackmagic Design, you’ll learn about:

  • Renaming nodes
  • Defining tracking area with a Polygon node
  • Polygon paint mode
  • Adding & configuring a Camera Tracker
  • Exporting a Camera Track & viewing in 3D space
  • Adding an image into 3D with Image Plane 3D Node
  • Ambient Light
  • Color correcting an object
  • Enabling motion blur
  • Time stretcher & clone tool to paint out section
  • Matte Control node
  • Camera projection
  • Catcher node
  • Fast Noise generator
  • Channel Boolean node
  • Pinning a tool in the inspector
  • Displace 3D node

Follow along with the sample projects that can be downloaded from the official DaVinci Resolve Training page.

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