Free Coloring in Resolve Workshop with Joshua Miller – April 22

Blackmagic Collective (not the same as Blackmagic Design) is hosting an online class on April 22nd at 11AM PT.

On the call, Joshua Miller will walk you through the basics of color matching, correcting, and grading!

Best of all…. IT’S FREE!

Here’s the info:

Coloring in Resolve Class – LIVE!

In this live interactive class Joshua Miller (Founder, C&I Studios) will not only go through the basics of color matching and correcting, but also some advanced techniques. We will send the audience the same video that Josh will work on during the live stream so that you can work alongside him and get your questions answered.

Join us LIVE for your chance to win a seat of DaVince Resolve ($295 value)!

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Presented by Blackmagic Design.

Guest: Joshua Miller, Founder and Executive Director, C&I Studios

Josh’s Bio:

Joshua O. Miller is the founder and Executive Director of C&I Studios. Starting as a small media company operating out of his apartment, he has grown C&I Studios to a nationwide media company, with headquarters in South Florida, and operating out of Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles California.

Joshua has a wide range of media experience, working with companies big and small to communicate their messages to the world. Specializing in film, he has a knack for communicating stories in ways that stick with people.

Joshua has produced media for companies as large as Coca-Cola and as small as your neighborhood restaurant. Most importantly, Joshua provides a unique ability to take your company’s message and clearly communicate it with the world, in a way that excites and inspires.

C&I Studios specializes in the production and distribution of creative content to solve complex marketing challenges. Their original and inventive solutions continually reshape professional frontiers and have remained an impactful asset for businesses and brands in over a dozen industries. Their remarkable craftsmanship in video production and photography and their uncanny ability to connect audiences with their work both digitally and in-person make them true thought leaders in their industry. With a full-service creative suite, a state-of-the-art pre and post-production studio, a diverse team of professional marketers and creatives, and an unwavering commitment to challenging traditional norms through art with purpose, there is nothing too brave or too extravagant for C&I Studios.

Since its inception, Founder and CEO Joshua Miller has been the guiding voice for C&I Studios. His vision for the company has expanded its primary services to include video and audio live streaming, photography, website design and development, audio engineering, brand management and more, which all play a pivotal role in their function as brand storytellers. He works directly with his teams in New York City, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Washington D.C. to help elevate the quality of their work beyond expectation. And continues to work behind the scenes as the director and visionary for every video production that is created by the studio.

Joshua Miller’s passion for creativity and pursuit of something greater was the catalyst for C&I Studios and also the impetus for its unstemmed expansion. Today, C&I Studios is the parent company to various auxiliary brands, which all come together to tell a single story of how art is the king of thoughtful change. Their nonprofit organization, C&I Reach, uses art to shed light on small organizations making impactful change in their communities; their cafe & bar, Next Door, invites the South Florida community to embrace the studio’s art and their passion for storytelling in-person via local outreach, underground events, live music, and more. Their lifestyle brand, Uncreative Shop, offers creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs identity through fashion, uniting an entire generation under a single calling card.

Under current leadership, C&I Studios is investing more resources to finance, produce, and distribute original television and film productions of their own design through their company, C&I Films. Their expansion into this arena will add a new voice to the world of film and live streaming services and is surely an exciting development for anyone with a hunger for authentic content of exceptional quality.


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