DaVinci Resolve 18 Beta 3 Update

Blackmagic Design seems like they’re rolling out an update on this beta every 2 weeks! Very impressive to see.

The third beta release has been announced and is available for download on the Blackmagic Design website.

This version addresses many bugs, increasing performance of the object mask feature, and improves stability.

From Blackmagic Design:

This software update adds 2x faster object mask processing on M1 Macs and better smart bin recall on Windows. This update also improves automation trim in Fairlight and audio normalisation on the edit page. In addition, DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 Beta 3 addresses an occasional issue with image brush selection with paint nodes and improves paint clone offsets when working with non square aspect ratios. This version requires a DaVinci Resolve Studio license dongle or software activation code. Please submit all feedback and bug reports via the public beta feedback forum on the Blackmagic Design website.

Remember that this is still a beta release, so be careful when using it! Remember to back up your work!

Please submit all feedback and bug reports via the public beta feedback forum on the Official Blackmagic Design website.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 18.0b3

Up to 2x faster object mask processing on Mac.
Resolve FX Surface Tracker now defaults to using overlay frames sequentially.
Addressed surface tracker issues for blanking regions with manual sizing.
Support for retaining reelname metadata in rendered EXRs.
Addressed an issue with setting projects to multiple user collaborations.
Addressed issues with automatic smart bins for some upgraded projects.
Addressed imported DRT timelines not showing in timeline bins.
Addressed a context menu issue in cinema viewers on Windows.
Addressed incorrect generated LUTs when node sizing is present.
Addressed an issue where Fairlight automation trim would not work.
Addressed an issue with normalizing audio in the edit timeline.
Addressed an issue with 7.1 channel mapping for VST 3 plugins.
Addressed incorrect binaural render mode mapping in some configurations.
Addressed an issue with hiding tracks from the Desktop Audio Editor.
Addressed an issue with audio drop outs for clips with audio plugins.
Addressed incorrect solo behavior for VCA masters.
Addressed loss of take selectors when reloading some projects.
Addressed issues with animating published points on polylines.
Addressed an issue with paint node using image brushes.
Addressed incorrect Fusion paint clone offsets for non-square aspect ratios.
Addressed an issue with playhead overlapping keyframe ease controls in Fusion.
Addressed an issue resetting Text+ shading keyframes.
Addressed Text+ control naming ambiguities in splines view.
Support for Nikon RAW is now also available on Apple Silicon systems.
Scopes now reflect the current eye when enabling stereoscopic 3D views.
Scripting API support to get unique ID for Resolve objects.
Addressed project settings presets sometimes not being loaded.
General performance and stability improvements