PixelTools Launches Film Lab PowerGrade Collection

PixelTools has launched their 2nd PowerGrade pack, this time giving us “A Unique Collection of PowerGrade Presets for Photochemical Look Creation”.

The new Film Lab PowerGrade Collection is a pack of film emulation presets for easy look creation.

If you’re not familiar with PowerGrades, it’s a preset of nodes in Resolve that you can apply to any clip. Unlike a LUT, it’s completely customizable. You can turn on and off nodes, edit parameters, and mix and match the pieces you need.

Here are some features from the launch annoucement:

Built around the popular Kodak 2383 Print Stock (with more coming soon!)

Scene-Referred LogC color pipeline supports SDR, HDR, and Cinema-DCI.

Includes 3 Presets for Grain, Halation, and Diffusion

Over 120 PowerGrades in 10 different categories to design your custom photochemical look.

No Additional Plug-Ins Required, seriously!

Wide Camera Support - RED, BMD, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic

I’m very excited to try this out! Especially the presets for halation and diffusion.

Sound good? You can get it at a discounted launch price!


Use Coupon Code: FILMLAB25

Discount dnds August 17, 2021 at Midnight PST.

Head over to the PixelTools Website for to buy or learn more.

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