Using Composite Modes With Serial Nodes

If you’ve worked with image editing tools or VFX compositing, you may have used blend modes to adjust your images.

On the color page, this sort of a thing is accessible using the layer mixer nodes.

But since the release of DaVinci Resolve 18.5, you’re able to do this on each individual node.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for finer control over your grades, and even quickly experimenting with different options.

I don’t remember what every single mode does, so sometimes I’ll flip between them to see if I like what they do. And sometimes that gives me a result I like!

That sort of experimenting is now much faster and easier.

If you want to dive into the math or a description on each of the composite mode options, check out this Wikipedia article on Blend Modes.

In this video from Cullen Kelly, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding contrast
  • Finding composite modes for a node
  • Adding contrast without adjusting saturation
  • Adjusting a LUT’s effect with composite mode

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