Remove Room Echo from Your Audio in Fairlight

So you don’t have great audio that came out of your camera?

Having good audio is super important, and of course try to get the best audio you can when recording. But this is one of those things that is possible to fix it in post.

Here are the steps that Jay Lippman covers in his video:

  • Which Equalizer we’ll choose
  • Normalizing audio levels
  • Setting up EQ
  • Finding the frequencies that we want to cut out

Just these simple tweaks made a significant difference in the quality of the sound. And it’s not difficult at all!

Follow along and try this on your own videos. How does your audio sound now?

2 thoughts on “Remove Room Echo from Your Audio in Fairlight”

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  1. this tutorial is useless given that there is music blasting all over it. no way to tell what sound he’s actually looking for from the different frequencies.

  2. Excellent tutorial on how to normalize my vocals for podcast in my new studio (that echoes echoes echoes). Appreciate your tech help and that you saved me hours of time. Peace & friendship.


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