Creating a Rain of Arrows with Particles in Fusion

This is an awesome effect that shows off what you can do with Fusion.

Whether you want to use particles for Motion Graphics or VFX shots, the power and flexibility these tools offer is impressive.

This is an older tutorial in Fusion Studio, but all of the features are there in DaVinci Resolve Fusion.

You’ll see that particles aren’t just for dots or making smoke, but can be used with any shape.

It’s also a good example of defining a path (with an endpoint) for the particles. And it just looks cool!

In this video from Chetal Gazdar, you’ll learn about:

  • Adding Particle nodes
  • Configuring Particle Emitter settings
  • Adding gravity with Directional Force
  • Changing particle shape and rotation
  • Creating the ground with a shape and Fast Noise
  • Making the particles stop with pFriction
  • Applying a 3D model and texture to each Particle

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