DaVinci Resolve 19 Beta 2 Update

The first update to the DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta just landed.

It’s not just bug fixes, there’s some new features too!

One I like is the handy ability to switch the inspector between clip and track. Media management feature now has the ability to trim new audio formats. You can apply stills to active node stack layers.

There’s more that you can read about below too.

And yes, lots of bugs fixed.

If you’re using the beta and want to help make it more stable, go to Menu > DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > System > General > Select “Send Report When Application Quits Unexpectedly”.

From Blackmagic Design:

Today we released public beta 2 of DaVinci Resolve 19 which adds improvements and bug fixes for the DaVinci public beta including the ability to wipe or apply grades to clips or active node stack layers. This allows you to wipe between a still in the gallery and a timeline item to compare grades and also lets you choose between applying the grade to an individual layer or to the entire clip.

This update also adds support for the safe area overlay to be used in the edit timeline viewer as well as the ability to have the overlay display during playback in either the cut or edit viewer. That allows you to more easily review and position elements such as logos and titles so that they are always displayed without being cropped.

When using media management tools, you now have the ability to trim audio in your MOV and MP4 video files. This means you can save space by trimming unneeded flac or mp3 audio.

In addition, this update restores the ability to choose whether to update your DaVinci Resolve projects to the latest version when opening them. Now when you open an older project you will be prompted to back up the project before updating it to the latest version of the software.

This update also includes a number of bug fixes from the public beta, including addressing an issue where you couldn’t copy and paste transitions on the edit timeline, allowing compositions with alpha layers to be used on top of other clips, reinstating middle click functionality to apply compositions to Fusion clips and restoring sync functionality to the dialogue separator tool.

For details, downloads, and update instructions, visit the Blackmagic Design Support Page.

Back up your projects and database before upgrading! Individual projects created or opened in 19.0 will no longer be accessible in 18.6.6.

Remember that this is still in beta, so be careful of using it on important projects.

Report bugs to Blackmagic Design in the DaVinci Resolve forum.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 19.0 Public Beta 2

• Ability to wipe and apply grade to clip or active node stack layer.
• Icon to switch inspector between clip and track view in edit and Fairlight.
• Support for safe area overlay options in the edit timeline viewer.
• If selected, safe area overlays are displayed in the cut and edit viewers during playback.
• Ripple overwrite in the cut page can now be invoked from the application menu.
• Deselecting trackers in Fusion now hides tracking paths in viewer.
• Media management can now trim mp3 and flac audio in mov and mp4 clips.
• User prompt when upgrading older projects.
• Scripting API support for querying media audio track mapping.
• Scripting API support to query and set speaker detection from project settings.
• Support for HDR scans using the new Cintel scanner 8mm gate.
• Support for black and white scans from the Cintel scanner.
• Addressed angle metadata not set when auto syncing audio to video.
• Addressed timecode entry issue when in multicam mode on the source viewer.
• Addressed an issue with moving Open FX keyframes with smoothing.
• Addressed a potential issue with rendering in place retimed clips on Apple silicon.
• Addressed an issue with copying transitions in the edit timeline.
• Addressed transition resizing from the trim editor not updating the viewer.
• Addressed a timing issue with draw on lower thirds text.
• Addressed an issue with alpha passthrough in referenced compositions.
• Addressed a Fusion tracking issue with disabled IntelliTrack.
• Addressed issue with Fusion tracker zoom if not previewed.
• Addressed an issue with middle clicking Fusion clips to apply compositions.
• Addressed an issue where Magic Mask in Fusion would apply to one frame.
• Addressed Fusion mask artifacts when using Resolve Color Management.
• Addressed issue with inverted masks in some Fusion merges.
• Addressed an issue displaying nested inspector controls in Fusion macros.
• Addressed issue with double polygons in multipoly.
• Addressed a potential crash with Fusion particle emitters when using bitmaps.
• Addressed a refresh issue when previewing DCTLs in the color page.
• Addressed incorrect labels for yellow hue and center controls in the Mini Panel.
• Addressed artifacts when using Speed Warp on Mac and Nvidia systems.
• Addressed a crash creating a project from preset with multiple node stack layers.
• Addressed an issue with side-chained tracks in upgraded projects.
• Addressed scenarios with offset audio when using Dialogue Separator.
• Addressed a scenario where pans would be invoked for the wrong audio track.
• Addressed audio clipping for audio normalized renders using optimize.
• Addressed an issue decoding motion JPEG formatted AVI clips.
• Addressed an issue with accented names in remote monitoring connections.
• General performance and stability improvements.

Click here to see the full list of new features in v19.

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