DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Beta 3 Update

This beta continues to improve.

All the new additions announced today, sound great!

The multimerge tool is already a powerful tool, and the improved display of many inputs, showing input tools names, and other updates make it even better!

There’s now relinking of 3D assets in the media pool, and BMD camera color spaces support in Fusion.

And one of 18.5’s biggest features — transcription — now supports 14 additional languages!

More details listed in the update announcement below.

From Blackmagic Design:

Today we released public beta 3 of DaVinci Resolve 18.5 which adds additional improvements to the DaVinci public beta including improved padding for subtitle backgrounds, as well as multiple improvements to Fusion’s multimerge tools. This includes improved display of large multi layer inputs and the ability to show the input names, making it easier to see and manage all of the inputs to the multimerge node. Additionally, multimerge nodes can now animate the layer state so you can turn effects on or off with keyframe control. You also have the ability to multi select and delete layers from the multimerge inspector. Universal Scene Descriptor, FBX and Alembic assets can now be relinked, replaced and revealed in the media pool and included in project archives making them easier to manage in DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 public beta 3 also adds support for the new Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.1 and support for all Blackmagic camera color spaces in Fusion.

DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5 beta 3 also adds a number of improvements to beta 2 release features for text based editing. These include automatic language detection, and expansion of language transcription to include 14 additional languages such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and auto subtitling. Public beta 3 also adds support for editing and deletion of generated text, support for silent segment detection and display, with the ability to remove silent segments from transcribed text, plus the ability for words and paragraphs to be highlighted and deleted. Searching for specific content via text based editing saves hours of searching through video content looking for a single shot.

There are also a number of bug fixes and scripting API improvements as well as general performance and stability improvements.

You can download the new version for free from the Official Blackmagic Design support page.

Note that 18.5 does not require a database upgrade but individual projects will be upgraded to work with 18.5 and cannot be opened by older versions.

Back up your projects and database before upgrading!

Remember that this is still in beta, so be careful of using it on important projects.

Report bugs to Blackmagic in the DaVinci Resolve Beta Forum.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 18.5 b3

• Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.1.
• Project setting to select language when transcribing audio.
• Ability to select language when generating subtitles.
• Support for transcribing and generating subtitles from 14 languages.
⁃ Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
• Ability to edit and delete words and phrases from transcribed text.
• Ability to find and replace search results in the transcription dialog.
• Transcription now automatically detects and displays silent segments.
• Ability to remove all silent segments from transcribed text.
• Clips added to timeline from transcription ignore deleted text.
• Select words or paragraphs in transcribed text with double click or triple click.
• Select all transcribed text with Control-A or Command-A.
• Ability to clear transcriptions.
• Options to specify lines per caption and inter-caption gap for generated subtitles.
• Improved padding for subtitle backgrounds.
• Subtitles are now center aligned by default.
• Support for Blackmagic film color spaces in Fusion.
• Ability to relink, replace and reveal USD, FBX and Alembic assets in the media pool.
• Project archives now include USD, FBX and Alembic assets.
• Media pool indicator for offline USD, FBX and Alembic assets.
• Option for Fusion MultiMerge layers to reflect input tool names.
• MultiMerge keyframes now animate layer enable state.
• Ability to multi-select and delete layers from the MultiMerge inspector.
• Improved support for large layer counts in MultiMerge.
• Support for auxiliary depth channels in uRenderer.
• Exporting current frame as still now supports data burn-ins.
• Explicit option to copy grades from flattened multicams to multicam angles.
• Ability to drag clips to extend timeline end with ripple disabled in the cut page.
• Support for video only and audio only transitions in the cut page.
• Scripting API support to trigger object mask tracking.
• Scripting API support to trigger stabilization.
• Scripting API support to invoke scene cut detection in timelines.
• Scripting API support to enable smart reframe for clips.
• Scripting API support to export current frame as still.
• Scripting API for adding subclips to the media pool.
• Scripting API support to export and import OpenTimelineIO files.
• Scripting API support to render PNG and JPEG image sequences.
• Ability to reset all qualifiers with the advanced panel.
• Advanced panels in tracker mode now show active power window controls.
• The delete flag action in the advanced panels now deletes all flags from the current clip.
• Addressed an issue with copying or pasting clips across hidden tracks in the Fairlight timeline.
• Addressed an issue where deleting unused cache would reset magic mask cache.
• Addressed an issue where changing grades would sometimes reset magic mask cache in prior nodes.
• Addressed an issue where super scale could not be enabled in the inspector for stereo 3D clips.
• Addressed some issues with Fusion overlays in edit.
• Addressed an issue with missing objects in Fusion duplicate on Apple silicon.
• Addressed an issue with AAF and EDL imports incorrectly setting clips to use local version.
• Addressed an issue with toggling color viewer overlay modes.
• Addressed an issue with data burn in exported ProRes clips.
• Addressed incorrect text transcription timing for clips with 44.1 KHz audio.
• Addressed an issue with animating masks for still images in the Fusion page.
• Addressed an issue with captions incorrectly generated for offline audio clips.
• Addressed an issue with start timecode and transcribe audio context menus for timelines in a timeline bin.
• Addressed an issue with image scaling when previewing video transition with vertical timeline.
• Addressed an issue with deliver presets not persisting start timecodes.
• Addressed mismatching clip timecode display in the gallery timeline album.
• Addressed an issue with local project libraries with long paths on Windows.
• Improved memory usage for source clips with very large resolutions.
• Addressed noise reduction artefacts in RCM projects on Windows and Linux.
• General performance and stability improvements.