Ground Control Releases DaVinci Resolve End to End Course

Want a complete course walking you through how to use DaVinci Resolve for a short film?

If you’re a single person team or part of a small crew making shorts, this is the course for you.

Casey Faris & the Ground Control team have just released a new course that covers

“EVERYTHING you need to COMPLETELY create a short film with Resolve 17 in one masterclass! These are tips and techniques from decades of collective post experience.”

This is a great addition to the ever-expanding library of paid courses out there.

Many courses cover a specific page (color, fairlight, fusion, etc). Others are all about what you need to know to be a professional colorist.

This one is geared for the indie filmmaker with a complete workflow for post production in DaVinci Resolve.

Casey Faris has a popular YouTube channel, and is one of the most recommended learning resources for new Resolve users in the forums I frequent, so I’d trust the quality of what he’s got.

What’s in the course?

The website say that the following is included:


  • Beginner introduction to each page used in the training. (Media, Edit, Color, Fusion, Fairlight, Deliver)
  • Practical concepts and tips to help you work better
  • Video lessons that grow more complex as concepts get more familiar
  • Advanced workflow and troubleshooting tips.
  • EVERYTHING you need to completely organize, edit, color, add effects, sound mix, and deliver a short film in Resolve 17


  • Learn how we shot the film
  • Look through the original script
  • Use our storyboards to assemble edits


  • Unedited clips (1080p LOG transcodes from 6K RAW)
  • Royalty-free sound Effects
  • Visual effects assets
  • Music score
  • Finished film for reference
  • DaVinci Resolve 17 Project Files for each major checkpoint

How Much Is it?

The course is currently listed at $249.99, which may be a launch price.

For something this comprehensive, it’s a pretty good deal.

Where to get it

Head over to the Ground Control product page and check it out!

The page has details and some sample videos so you can get a sense of the teaching style.

Happy learning!

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