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Improving Audio


You finished editing, now what? This comprehensive audio course will help you take your audio quality to the next level. Even if the recording wasn’t perfect!




2.5 Hours

  • 23 Video Lessons
  • Practice Media
  • Cheat Sheets PDFs
  • 15 Fairlight Presets



You Finished Editing, Audio Sounds OK, Now What?

Step by step, every page.

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll Be Able To…

  • Set up your projects and tracks quickly and efficiently
  • Sync audio from any source
  • Remove hums, pops, and other unwanted noises
  • Get rid of echo
  • Isolate voices from background noise
  • Improve the quality and clarity of voices
  • Prevent voices from being drowned out by sound effects and music
  • Stop the sound from being too quiet for online platforms

You’ll also learn

Make Sense of the Audio Tools

Don’t know what do all those knobs do?

Me neither.

Course Outline

Overview of your learning journey

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Part 1 – Introduction – 4 videos

  • Welcome – 2:11
  • Importance of Audio Post Production –
  • Overview of the Audio Process –
  • Key Principles of Audio – 6:35

Part 2 – Fairlight Essential Skills – 4 Videos

  • Resolve & Fairlight Basics – 4:42
  • Importing & Syncing Media –
  • Setting Up Your Project and Tracks
  • Signal Chain Order

Part 3 – Audio Editing Workflow – 3 Videos

  • Setting Levels –
  • EQ –
  • Dynamics –

Part 4 – Improving & Fixing Audio – 5 Videos

  • Isolating Voices
  • Removing Pops, Hums, and other unwanted sounds
  • Getting Rid of Echo
  • Advanced EQ for Voices
  • 3rd Party Plugins

Part 5 – Mixing & Mastering – 4 videos

  • Mixing Edited Tracks
  • Ensuring Music and Sound FX don’t conflict with dialogue
  • Final Touches
  • Loudness Levels for Deliverables

Part 6 – Exporting – 2 Videos

  • Deliver Page Settings
  • Conclusion

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Audio quality is even more important than video quality for viewer engagement, so start improving yours today!

Is This For Me?

This Course is For You If…

You’re switching from another software and need to learn the basics

You want your video content to sound better to increase views & retention

Your an editor that wants to become more valuable by increasing skills.

You don’t want to hunt for tutorials on YouTube


What Students Are Saying

I wish I found this sooner. I’m much more confident in my ability to turn around video work.

Some Guy
Social Media Video Producer

There’s so much Resolve can do, I was intimidated to start. This course made it easy, and the price didn’t hurt.

Jane Doe
Wedding Videographer

This is the best course to get started. I would have paid for this!

John Doe
Editor, OWC


Got Questions?

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How long do I have access?

Forever! Once you buy a course, it’s yours. Your account will always have the course available.

Will This Course Be Updated for Future Resolve Versions?

Yes! We’ll make sure the course information is up to date.

We’ll record new videos for additional features, and replace videos when they are no longer relevant. Most features don’t have massive changes between releases, so this course will still be relevant.

Can I use the free version? Do I need Studio?

All courses can be followed using the free version of Resolve. A few features covered require Studio, they will be noted on each individual course page and within the course.

What are the Hardware Requirements for DaVinci Resolve?

Which devices can I use to watch the courses?

Any desktop, tablet, or mobile device that has a web browser.

Does this course give Blackmagic Design Certification?

No. Blackmagic Design’s user certification courses are great for getting an overview of DaVinci Resolve and its features, but they don’t cover all the real-world workflows you might need.

So we have focused our courses on more specific aspects of post production so you can pick and choose what you need for your work or passion projects.


Course Taught By

Jason Yadlovski

Jason is an audio engineer, photographer, and landscape architect. He’s a Blackmagic Design certified trainer, and his YouTube channel with DaVInci Resolve tutorials has been viewed millions of times.

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Improving Audio

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