Simple Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Editing in Resolve

Want to speed up your work with keyboard shortcuts?

It’s no secret that using the keyboard is much faster than pointing and clicking menus with the mouse. But it takes time to learn…

Though once you’ve mastered a few shortcuts you’ll save hours of time moving forward. So it’s well worth investing a little time up front to learn.

You can find all of the shortcuts or create your own with Resolve’s Keyboard Customization, but there are some common ones you can learn about first.

In this video from MrAlexTech, you’ll learn about:

  • 00:00 Keyboard Customization
  • 00:30 Navigating Resolve
  • 01:44 Importing Media
  • 02:13 F9 Insert
  • 02:45 F10 Overwrite
  • 03:05 F11 Replace
  • 03:23 F12 Place on top
  • 03:39 Playback
  • 03:50 Arrow Keys
  • 04:29 JKL Keys
  • 05:47 Selection (Y Key)
  • 06:21 Edit Modes
  • 07:35 Repair Cuts
  • 08:07 Cut AND Ripple in one
  • 09:17 Full Screen
  • 09:28 Auto Colour
  • 09:57 Clip Speed
  • 10:14 Retime Curve
  • 10:33 Close Resolve

There you go! Just practice one new shortcut every time you open Resolve and in no time you’ll be working way faster.

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  1. Hi,

    I get a “This video is private” for the “Simple Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Editing in Resolve” video. Is this paid for content, if not can you point me to another source?

    And if you know the keyboard short cut for returning to zero (or start) that would also be handy 🙂


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